If Ghanaian creative artists know their business and the sources of revenue available, and how to avoid waste of money, the thrush hold of productivity in the entertainment industry in Ghana, about 50% of artists would be richer then (LPPs) Lawyers, Pastors, Politicians, and the likes.

I’m sure you are wondering why have I mentioned or stipulated some jobs and not others?

Let me be a bit rhetorical, do Lawyers, Pastors and Politicians know their business and the sources of revenue available? And if we should use MUSIGA’s categorization of A-list, B-list, or even C-list of musicians and march up to their net income in comparison to the group of LPPs that is lawyers, pastors and politicians which of these groups would we notice a physical appreciation of material possessions that makes life a bit easier in terms of old-age living?

Mr. Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr aka Bnoskka is Creative Arts Business & Intellectual Property Consultant.