Entertainment pundit, Dan Lartey has shared his bitter experience dating the love of his life who later jilted him for another man.

Sharing his sad love experience on Kasapa Entertainment with host Eddie Ray, the regular pundit on the show disclosed that his manhood went dead when a lady he loved so much painfully left him.

According to him, heartbreak is a crazy sickness which is more serious than the current pandemic Coronavirus which has claimed many lives.

The Chief Executive Officer of Remedi Entertainment, a media-related firm which deals with Artiste Management and Music Promotion, disclosed that he could not get an erection for a year and six months because he invested all his resources in the lady.

“I had a broken heart and for one year and six months, my penis couldn’t erect. I invested so much in that lady who gave me the heartbreak.

“Broken heart is one crazy sickness. It is more than Coronavirus.

“Other sicknesses like headache, stomach upset, boil, malaria, stroke, madness, rheumatism are all found in a broken heart.” Dan Lartey disclosed on Kasapa Entertainment

Dan Lartey claimed even when the heart is not physically ripped apart, the emotional pain that a break-up can cause can leave the affected person feeling as if it was literally shredded into a million pieces.