Deputy Health Minister Dr. Bernard Oke-Boye has indicated that before football can resume in the country there is the need to do a systematic cost analysis.

According to him, all stakeholders involved should begin with compiling a comprehensive list of all the costs and benefits associated with the resumption in other not to take any swift decision.

“We are all aware that the rapid spread of the Corona Virus is through contact and our football happens to be a contact sport so if we want to follow the Europeans suit and resume football in the country there is the need to follow measures they have been laid out to control the spread”

“If after doing thorough assessment and it’s possible to start football without exposing players and officials to the virus, why not, we can restart football because at end of the day President Akufo Addo’s main core is to eradicate the virus from the country”, Dr. Okoe-Boye told Adam Adjei on Kasapa FM.

Following developments in the spread and control of COVID-19 across the continent and the rest of the world, a series of meetings have been held regarding the future of competitions.

It is in this regard that the CAF Medical Committee in collaboration with the Technical & Development Department and a team of experts has put together a comprehensive plan to guide the Member Associations (MA’s) on the restart of football activities on the continent.

The 27-page document titled “CAF Guidelines to Resume Football in Africa” emphasizes on the health of the major stakeholders (Players, Officials, Fans, and Partners) as the essential element, which should constitute the basis of all decisions regarding the reintroduction of football activities across the continent supported by the authorization of relevant State Authorities.

The plan also highlights effective and continuous medical assessment (testing) of players and officials, guidelines for training sessions, disinfection of sporting facilities, as well as strict adherence to the global preventive protocols.

“This comprehensive document is major step towards resuming football on the continent. Based on recent developments, it is important we have a plan in place to guide our stakeholders on the return of continental and domestic competitions, and the need for an all hands on deck approach.

Story by: Alexander Anyankwaa /Kasapa FM