Entertainment Pundit, Benjamin Arhin Oduro known in entertainment circle as Bnoskka has suggested to Government to drastically reduce prices of fuel, utilities and other commodities.

According to the regular pundit on Kasapa Entertainment, the emerging issues surrounding Coronavirus [COVID 19] in other countries suggests that there is a need for the government to drastically reduce prices.

Bnoskka advised government that there is going to be an unforeseen hardship on the people of Ghana hence the need to drastically reduce prices to ease up the burden that will entangle both the creative industry and all other industries in Ghana.

“Eddie Ray, if you check the news all around the world, you would realize that Coronavirus [COVID 19] is serious and if you read about its mode of spreading it will be better Ghana government grant me these my humble appeal.”

“Firstly, the government should reduce the price of fuel so that the number of people on board public transport could be reduced while still charging the same fare.”

“Secondly, some businesses will be closed and it will affect our financial incomes so I humbly suggest again that the price of water normally charged by the Ghana Water Corporation per litre should be reduced.”

“Thirdly electricity bill should be reduced as well because since we are going to be staying at home and avoid going out and if we don’t have electricity to on our fans or enable our electrical gadgets then staying home would be boring and uncomfortable.”

“Finally, Eddie Ray, I know, James Clark aka Alaafia from his interjections suggest he is not in support of my request but I will still go on to state my final request that Government should consult or liaise with the telecom companies in Ghana to select some educational software applications and make them zero-rated so that even if one do not have data or credit on their phones’ they can still have access to some designated educational applications like WOLO which is made by a Ghanaian. I know at least Mr. Wear Ghana will support my WOLO app suggestion. Thank you, Eddie Ray. This is Bnoskka I’m telling you.”

“Eddie Ray since the first day I heard of the first reported case in Ghana, I have been making these four request on Hot 93.9FM but I know Kasapa Entertainment will boost my request to reach the President and his team of advisors. This is Bnoskka I’m telling you. Thank you Eddie Ray and your listeners”. Bnoskka said on Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5FM