The year 2020 has not exactly been smooth considering the effects of coronavirus on the music industry as far as nightlife, events, festivals and general showbiz is concerned.

As a result, most households are becoming creative by throwing their own parties at home instead of going out to look for entertainment. It is for this reason Drumz has released the perfect soundtrack for these house parties for the summer.

This 134-tempo track is an afro-fusion record that brings back the summer barbecue party feeling with a hint of UK garage and funky house in the kick and baseline.

The record re-echoes the themes of family, party, happiness and sunshine which is musically crafted to get listeners through these hard times with ease.

Like vintage wine Drumz formally known as Atumpan just seems to get better with time, as evidenced in House Party through the way he lays his warm, husky and soulful vocals over the gritty vibrant and big bassline instrumental.

The Ghanaian London based artist has taken time to carve out his own niche within a highly saturated musical world, mastering the intricacies that define his skilful craft.

Music Produced By Kevin Mabs, mixed and mastered by Dr. Ray and Video directed by Zoedic films.