Artisans play a major role in the creative arts industry, yet people who are involved in such arts like, hand-woven textiles, painted ceramic leather goods etc are not given the helping hand they need both from government and philanthropists.

Speaking in an interview with George Kojo Osie who deals in basket weaving, he disclosed to Kasapa Entertainment that artisans in the art industry really need to be attended to with immediate effect.

According to him, the art sector contributes so much to the gross domestic product of the country.

Osie cited lack of raw materials for manufacturing as a major challenge facing the sector.

He noted that the artisan business is lucrative and source of livelihood for individuals doing something with their hands or being skilled trained in areas like weaving, ceramics, paintings and leather works.

Osie added that everything they do is highly purchased but because they are not getting help from the government and philanthropists they find things really difficult in their field of work.

Sarah Naana Acquaye Wilson