Many bereaved families love to erect a tombstone on the grave of their departed relative, a proud and elegant way to demonstrate that the deceased was loved and continues to be remembered.

However, persons who die from the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) in Ghana are denied this privilege of having a tombstone erected on their graves.

This is because the deceased are buried in unmarked graves.

The Coordinator and Supervisor of the COVID-19 burials in the Greater Accra Region, Joseph Asitanga told Joy News that in order to prevent stigmatization, naming and labeling of the graves are not done.

He further explains why COVID-19 deceased persons are stripped of this privilege or ‘luxury’.

When we put blockwork to cement the grave it retards easy decomposition of the body and the possibility of collection and evaporation of whatever organisms that is there to also come to cause more sickness. For all the grave here for the purpose of stigmatization, we did not allow labeling and naming of graves.

As of now, about 48 COVID-19 deceased persons have been buried at the COVID-19 burial site at the Awudome Cemetary in Accra.

Ghana’s COVID-19 death toll stands at 129.