Government has disengaged the services of COVID-19 contact tracers and has replaced them with Community Health Nurses conduct the exercise.

This is according to Deputy Health Minister Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye who spoke on behalf of the Health Minister in Parliament Monday.

The move follows agitations from the contact tracers who laid down their tools a month ago over the government’s decision to slash their GHC150 allowance to GHC75.

“The claim that government has failed to pay contact tracers qualifies as an inaccurate expression, composed to create the impression that contact tracing had been abandoned. The Ghana Health Service recruited volunteers who were about 2, 000 in number during the three weeks of lock down…after the lockdown was lifted, the GHS instructed districts to discontinue their engagement with the contracted contact tracers and revert to the use of community health nurses for the purposes of contact tracing.”

The Deputy Minister disclosed that the government has so far spent over $34 million in combating the pandemic.

Source: Alhassan