Staff of the Metro Mass Transport Limited (MMTL) have declared a sit-down strike over unpaid salaries.

The group served notice that the strike takes effect today, Friday, July 3, 2020.

According to them, salaries for May and June 2020 have not been paid after taking half salaries for April.

In a statement issued by the Senior and Junior Staff Union at MMTL, the industrial action will be in place until further notice.

“Given the foregoing, the workers through the leadership of the Unions will be embarking on a peaceful sit-down action from Friday, July 3, 2020, until further notice if no attempt is made to pay workers’ salaries.”

Reacting to the unpaid salaries, the transport company said, “It is instructive to note that the directives from the Sector-Ministry which are intended to regulate the operations of all commercial transport service providers in the country have affected MMTL so much in the area of revenue generation, and this has gone a long way to affect the salaries of staff and their welfare.”

Lamenting the drop in revenue due to the new protocols guiding the number of passengers to be picked in a bus as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, MMTL says this has also affected revenue generation, hence, making life difficult for them.

This, they say, has “befallen the company” and “needs the intervention of the Central Government”.

“While deeply regretting the delay and nonpayment of staff salaries, workers hope that management would restore our salary payment cycle. It is also hoped that Management would take note and act accordingly to obtain the government’s support to alleviate workers of this company from these hardships,” the staff of the company added in the statement.

The union, however, assured that the action, themed “No Pay, No Work” is intended to be peaceful and nonviolent.

“All members are therefore enjoined to ensure that they appreciate the directives given to them by the leadership of the unions for peaceful and harmonious action.”

Metro Mass Transit Limited was officially incorporated in 2003. The shareholders include the SIC Insurance Company, National Investment Bank, Ghana Oil Company, Agriculture Development Bank, Prudential Bank Limited and Social Security and National Insurance Trust. These together have 55% shareholding. The Government of Ghana holds the remaining 45% shares.