The Rotary Club of Accra Sunrise has visited the Bukom community to distribute 350 branded nose masks to the residents in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move follows a survey of the area which indicated that almost all the individuals in the community do not wear nose masks.

In an interview with Kasapa FM, President of Rotary club of Accra Sunrise, Randy Glymin said the organization is aimed at distributing nose masks to individuals who can’t afford the masks to enable them to protect themselves from COVID-19 and also educate individuals on how and why they should observe the protocols.

The president with his team took the task upon themselves to teach the people of Bukom how to wear, remove, maintain and the reasons why they should wear their nose masks.

The Rotary Club of Accra Sunrise also educated the members of Chorkor on what they risk if they do not wear their nose masks.

A member of Rotary Club of Accra Sunrise, Mr. Eyiram Akyea Ansah also furthered that the Rotary club is made up of different people from different perspectives, some are lawyers, doctors, teachers and many more who have come together to help various communities in the country.

He added that the club has donated to COVID-19 fund and are moving to less privileged communities to distribute face masks to enable the individuals to observe the protocols of COVID -19.

The club was led by the assemblyman of Kinka electoral area, Hon. Carlos Mankattah who explained the purpose of Rotary Club International in the local dialects of the community to the residents of Bukom for easy communication who also expressed his appreciation to the Rotary Club in distributing the nose masks.

He added that as the assemblyman he has distributed about 5000 nose masks and will continue distributing to the community, he also advised the people of Bukom to wear their nose masks all the time and expressed their gratitude to the club on behalf of the community.

The Assemblyman also assured Rotary Club of Accra Sunrise that he will not let their work be in vain and will make sure the people of Chorkor wear the nose masks and obey the directives that come with it.

Some residents also told Kasapa FM news that they will wear the nose masks and observe the protocols of COVID -19.

Rotary Club International is an organization that is worldwide and has many branches throughout the world as well as Ghana.

Rotary Club of Accra Sunrise is a branch of Rotary International in Accra, Rotary club of Accra Sunrise is led by Randy Glymin as the president in Accra.

The Rotary club is an organization that specifies in helping individuals who are not financially stable when they are in need.