Peter Kofi Sedufia

Multiple award-winning movie Producer/Director Peter Sedufua known for directing movies like Keteke, Side Chic Gang, Aloe Vera just to name few has recounted some challenges and difficulties that have engulfed the movie industry in the COVID 19 pandemic era.

Speaking in an interview with Eddie Ray, host of Kasapa Entertainment, Peter bemoaned how his sector has been hit hard by the pandemic because of the difficulty to organise movie premieres due to restrictions placed on mass gathering.

“In times like these, we have witnessed several creative persons worldwide resorting to the use of the electronic media ie social media organising virtual concerts to make money through streaming.”

Asked whether he has considered this alternative, Peter had this to say,”Virtual streaming doesn’t pay but just to entertain fans.

Explaining his statement, he said after monitoring a lot of colleagues who organised virtual concerts during the pandemic none of them was able to make any significant impact with respect to number of streams.

“Hosting a virtual concert with the intention of entertaining fans to stimulate their passion and love for our craft is okay but economically it does not seem right looking at the input required.” He added