Ama Slay kicks off the summer with the release of her brand new single, ‘Ice Cream’. It’s rumoured that this is the first single from her forthcoming EP.

The catchy summer tune was produced by B2.

The new track sees Ama Slay linking up with frequent collaborator Yaw Skyface for a booming production on the music video

The video for the track features a variety of pink, yellow and red colours, lollipops, female dancers and of course Ama Slay licking ice cream of her man.

With some authentic confidence and a memorable hook, “Ice Cream” is definitely a banger.

She’s got other songs like Asem, My Lover, Turn It Up, and Ginger.

DJs in Ghana have already started making this the official summer jam so why don’t you get it on your phones music devices.

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