IMANI-Africa President, Franklin Cudjoe has questioned the Electoral Commission’s claims of making earnest efforts of purging the current electoral roll of ineligible voters.

Franklin Cudjoe in his estimation stated that “A system whereby people merely state that in their belief a person is above 18 years old and is a Ghanaian cannot be an improvement in anyway.”

Speaking at the 9th edition of the Let the Citizens Know series, a platform created by the EC to engage citizens on the electoral process, the EC’s Chairperson said that it is confident about its Challenge System adjudication body – instituted in all districts across the country to do a good job and allow qualified persons to stay on the register while expunging ineligible applicants.

“We are confident the register that will be used for the 2020 elections will be a wholly Ghanaian-owned enterprise, reflecting qualified Ghanaians and Ghanaians only,” Mrs. Mensa stressed; noting that the Commission is mindful of the infiltration of foreigners and minors into the voter roll.

But Franklin Cudjoe in Facebook Post challenged that 90% or more of registrants are ultimately on this new Roll because of guarantors.

In his analysis he opined about 40% of registrants used guarantors and virtually all of the remaining registrants used Ghana Cards, nonetheless, he noted “But recall that over 80% of Ghana Card registrants used guarantors too.”

This he said is problematic against the backdrop that “CODEO reports about 28% of polling stations encouraged dubious guarantors.”