Ghanaian music producer, Mr Isaac Aidoo widely known as Goodies has called on Government to invest in the music industry.

His passion, dedication and investment towards unearthing talents in Ghana has contributed immensely in saving and shaping lives and destinies, restoring hope, improving standard of living, reducing unemployment rate leading to economic growth.

It is highly evident that music contribution towards the world’s economy can never be underestimated looking at its enormous benefits and significance in job creation.

Building up brands like Lord Kenya, VIP, Tic Tac, Mzbel Sidney and others is a great feat that needs commendation.

In some other parts of the world, the government supports the music industry in diverse ways, however, in Ghana, the case is different with regards to governments come in and out without any significant support to the industry.

Goodies made a call in an interview with Eddie Ray on Kasapa Entertainment that government must invest in the music industry to make it more lucrative and attractive to the outside world.

“Government must invest in music as they invest in cocoa because music is also an export product”

“If one musician becomes successful, A whole lot of people gets employed from, managers, dancers, publicist, makeup, videographers etc” he added.

It’s high time the Ghanaian government invest in the music industry for one major factor which is employment.

A lot of the Ghanaian youth are unemployed but with great talents which can earn them a livelihood if support is given.

By: Kojo Kinn