The Assembly Member of Kwaman Electorial area in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District Hon. Ebenezer Annobil has donated over 200 mathematical sets to Basic Education Certificate Examination Candidates in his electoral area as they head towards their final exams coming Monday.

The beneficiary schools include Abura Ahumfie Number 2 Basic School, Abompi Basic School, Nyamena Onyim Basic School, Patoako Basic School, Kwaman Basic School, and many more.

He advised the BECE candidates to learn hard and come out with flying colours at the end of the exams.

Hon. Ebenezer Annobil encouraged them not to panic when writing the exams and also desist from going to the examination hall with foreign materials.

‘No different questions will be asked in your exams so I am encouraging you all to not panic. The Exams are not difficult as many are claiming what you need is to learn and revise your notes books and learn well.

The Head Teachers of Patoako and Kwaman Basic School Mr. Danso and Madam Rhoda respectively also added that this is the first time they have received such a donation from an Assembly Member in their area.

“We have never had such donation before since we became headteachers so we do appreciate what the Assembly Member has done for the children. We have advised them to stay away from Examination malpractices so we believe they will abide by it.”

Parents and guardians expressed gratitude to the assemblyman for taking off from them the burden of providing their children with mathematical sets.

Source: Boagyan