The General Secretary of the largest opposition NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has warned their opponent- ruling NPP may steal the December 07 elections.

He claimed the weak defence put forth by the Electoral Commission in relation to the reports about the alleged printing of new voter’s card fuels the concerns of the machinations by the ruling party to rig the upcoming election.

“If you have detected some problem after the mass registration, what do you do as a commission? It only makes sense for you to recall the cards and replace them for the affected registrants. You don’t clandestinely change the cards without anybody’s knowledge. In any case, their own incoherent statement gave them away,” he told a crowd of supporters on Tuesday.

He was explaining why the NDC Flagbearer has taken the decision to halt the campaign over the voter registration concerns.

The situation, according to the NDC has raised fears of a conspiracy to steal the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC), has dismissed reports about the alleged printing of new voter’s card despite the expiration of the exercise.

A viral video circulating on social media suggested that the election management body(EMB) was printing new cards even after ending the registration.

But the EC in a statement denied the said report captured in the video describing it as “false” and “misleading”.

“During the just-ended Registration Exercise, few centers experienced the production of duplicate ID cards which resulted from registration kits bearing the same codes.”

“As such the cards in the video belong to those persons with duplicate voter ID numbers. They were authorized by the Commission, printed at the Headquarters, and subsequently sent to the District Offices for lamination and distribution”, the EC clarified in the statement.

“The public is therefore advised to disregard the video,” the Commission further stated.