The Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu says his side is considering introducing a bill that will establish a Presidential Commission on debate.

Ahead of the upcoming December 7 general elections, there have been calls for the leaders of the two leading political parties, ruling NPP and largest opposition NDC to engage in a debate.

However, the NPP has vehemently rejected the call, insisting that the party is not interested as its unprecedented achievement in office is there for all Ghanaians to see.

But speaking in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu was confident that a debate commission will in the future facilitate debates in the future.

“Indeed Mr Speaker I’m even further staging a Private Member’s bill for the establishment of a Presidential Commission on Debate. So that in future beyond 2020 a presidential debate will be facilitated by a Commission to be established through a private member’s bill so that we will compel a debate on infrastructure, economy, and on governance for the purpose of enriching competitive democratic politics in Ghana.”