We have to admit it; we’re a bit obsessed with our latest group of Ghanaian Gospel Bloggers, A lot is known about lifestyle and entertainment bloggers who promote about 80% secular contents and sometimes 20% Gospel or Christian contents.

Over the years when it comes to Websites and Bloggers dedicated to Covering 100 percent Christian Entertainments, music, lifestyle and Gospel industry focus many people including Gospel music fanatics or Christians will struggle to even mention one Gospel blogger or website dedicated to sharing strictly Christian contents and live updates in the Ghanaian gospel industry space.

Currently, the number of Gospel bloggers we have in Ghana is quite surprising, With the aim of promoting the Gospel industry and sharing faith-based contents with their followers. The most fascinating thing about these individuals is their Unity and dedication which has brought them together to form a group called Gospel Bloggers Association which has almost fifteen (20) founders and editors of Gospel blogs.

These Top 10 Ghanaian Gospel Bloggers list is an initiative by Gospel Hypers to celebrate the faces behind the most read, popular and credible gospel blogs in Ghana.

The list of Top Ten Ghanaian Gospel Bloggers are as follows

Whether you’re Ghanaian, Nigerian or from any part of the world, these influencers or bloggers’ social media space will inspire, entertain and inform you.


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