The Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) has described as a myth claims that some male staff have sex with female corpses lying in the mortuary.

There’s been a long-held notion in Ghana that some mortuary men whenever they feel for sex, identify female bodies they consider ‘appealing’ to them, and strangely have sex with the lifeless bodies.

But the General Secretary of the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana (MOWAG) Richard Kofi Jordan has vehemently denied such happening and urged the public to disregard that conception.

He wonders how any normal ‘mortuary man’ would manage to have an erection in such messy mortuaries in Ghana to even have sex.

“It is never true that we have sex with corpses, first of all, you don’t know what killed the person, secondly, it is wrong that you sleep with someone’s dead loved one whom you’ve been asked to take care of. Furthermore, mortuaries in Ghana are a mess, they are not like those in the Western world which are well structured. The environment we find ourselves in is not conducive for working. How on earth will a mortuary man have an erection in such conditions and have sex with a corpse.”

He added: “See, in our mortuaries, we sometimes walk on other bodies lying on the floor to get to other bodies. How can you go through all these and still manage to have sex with a corpse? We all know that before one can have sex, the person should be in the right frame of mind. Some of the bodies are in a terrible state. Some with crushed head, others dying from cancer with their breasts tearing apart, others with rotten legs due to elephantiasis and this makes us mortuary men so sad. The way our mortuaries emit a strong stench due to how poorly maintained and poorly ventilated they are, it will take only a mentally retarded mortuary man to do have sex under such conditions. This claim can best be a notion, it’s a myth, it doesn’t exist,” Richard Kofi Jordan said in an interview on Okay FM monitored by