GH Media School has dismissed twelve students on Thursday 18th February 2021 for failing to observe the safety protocols of the deadly novel coronavirus.

According to a press release published by the school’s communications directorate and sighted by Kasapa News disclosed that some students have turned a deaf ear to the school’s directives put in place to mitigate the spread of the global pestilence (Covid-19).

“Management has observed with grave concern that students have flatly refused to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols especially wearing of the nose mask” it stated.

Due to this, the school has dismissed twelve (12) students from the school which consists of eight students from the Media School and four students from the Cosmetology School.

The communique further revealed that the management of the school will endeavour to keep the school’s environment clean for academic work.

“Please be informed that management is very serious about following the orders of both the president and GES directives and every measure will be put in place to make sure that the school is safe for academic work” it reiterated.

The school also emphasized its ability to institute a Covid-19 Task Force Team which includes management, students, sophisticated CCTV cameras and other gadgets deployed to achieve intended exercise by helping to monitor strict adherence to the safety protocols.

Moreover, the release suggests that culprit students will undergo three stages in the sanction process.

Firstly the query process, secondly the suspension process and finally the outright dismissal from the school.

The school has entreated each and every student to adhere to and observe the Protocols.

Notwithstanding, all students who received dismissal letters for flouting the Covid-19 protocols were given 48 hours to submit their letters of appeal through SRC president.

However, some of the students expressed their opinions whiles speaking with Kasapa News, Akokoraba Nyarko.

“I was drinking water and was spotted by the management staff. A few minutes later to my utmost surprise friends quickly drew my attention to the fact that I have been called by the Rector of the school, upon arrival at his office, with few words he stretched his hands and gave me a dismissal letter and told me to gently take the door” culprit student lamented.

Others expressed their contentment with the decision made by the school’s management

“Personally we think the decision by the management is a step in the right direction but it was too harsh,” he said.

Kasapa News