The Ashanti Region vice president of the tomato farmers association Mr. Adusei Mensah is warning that Ghana will be forced to increase its importation of tomatoes from neighboring countries if nothing is done to support the tomato farmer.

The country currently has sixty to seventy trucks carting tomatoes on a daily basis from Burkina Faso to augment supply for local consumption.

Speaking to host Kojo Marfo on Abusua Nkomo, Mr. Adusei Mensah indicated that tomato farmers in the country have been rendered helpless by what he described as a governments neglect for the sector.

There is no way we can produce tomatoes to feed the country because we don’t even have proper irrigation systems to water the crops to have good yields. Apart from that, we do not have the right storage facilities to preserve this highly perishable produce,” he stated.

He further disclosed that the local market is rejecting Ghana’s locally cultivated tomatoes because of the poor and watery quality of the dominant variety.

They insist ours is watery compared to that of Burkina Faso which has more food. We were promised by government we will be taken to Denmark to learn about another variety. But that never materialized,” he bemoaned.

Mr. Adusei Mensah called on the Crop Research Institute to support the farmers with better variety of seeds to support the farmers increase yield and produce more nutritious tomato that will appeal to the Ghanaian market.

His worries come barely two weeks after drivers of trucks that cart tomatoes from Burkina Faso threatened to park their vehicles in protest of incessant attacks from armed highway robbers. Ivan Heathcote – Fumador