A Creative Arts Business and Intellectual Property Consultant known in the entertainment circle as Bnoskka, says there is an available fund at the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture (MOTAC) that can fund the construction of a $20m Studio project talked about the Minister-designate for the sector.

According to Bnoskka, the World Bank has already approved a $40m grant through Ghana Tourism Development Project since 2018, of which about 85% of that money is still available to fund his $20m Studio project.

He added that there will still be left over to fund other projects because that grant from World Bank has a time limit which sooner or later will elapse.

The purpose of this grant is to improve the performance of tourism in Ghana and the proposed studio by the minister-designate will heavily impact tourism thereby serving the purpose of improving tourism.

At the Ministerial vetting committee over the weekend, the minister-designate Dr. Awal Mohammed suggested that if he is given the opportunity as the Minister of MOTAC, one of the things he will do is to build ultra-modern music, film and creative arts studio.

Bnoskka explains that the minister-designate and his deputy should focus on their vision and its execution so that it will not seem like he said what he said just to get the approval of the parliamentary vetting committee.

Bnoskka made this Statement as a pundit on Kasapa entertainment.