A level 400 female student of the S.D. Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) in the Upper West Region has beaten her male competitors to emerge the first-ever female NUGS president in the University.

Miss Yahaya Mugis, a B.A Social and Development Administration student was poised and committed to stunt the male supremacy in the university.

Views about her chances were split as some students discounted her ability to clinch the position, fearing that the shadows of the males’ historic dominance over the portfolio might play out again.

Some students including herself thought it was a ‘mission impossible’, in garnering more votes and thereby winning the most venerable position.

This has however come as a surprised and shock to herself (Miss Mugis) and several other students after cruising two male contenders to appear victorious.

The young lady won with a margin of over 200 votes in a Cliff-hanger runoff election at the Upper West premier University.

She polled 933 votes representing 53.5 percent, while her close contender garnered 715 votes representing 43.5 percent.

Meanwhile, in the first polls Miss Yahaya Mugis polled 599 representing 35.5 percent, Mr. Kennedy Nyameke garnered 675 representing 40.5 and Osman Abudu fetched 403 votes representing 24 percent.

The female President pledged to direct her energies towards addressing the numerous hiccups faced by the University over the years in collaboration with the council.

She is also confident of enhancing female participation on campus as a measure to reduce male dominance in the institution.

The S.D. Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) previously known as Wa UDS was established in September 2002 with the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS) at the No. 36 block, which the RCC generously made available to the University. The single Faculty campus grew exponentially.

The four separate campuses, include Wa Campus in the Upper West Region, Navrongo Campus in the Upper East Region, Nyankpala and Tamale Campuses in the Northern Region but government has now made all these three campuses autonomous.

By: Bayaga Fatawu