Time and time again, we get to witness different regimes of governance after so many years but Ghanaians continue to be served with a high level of ineptitude and multiple cases of abandonment of government projects.

There has been a penchant for the total disregard for uncompleted projects in this country and we have seen one too many of these.

It appears a very critical technological intervention, an integrated ICT System which was unveiled by the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) exactly a year ago has not seen the light of day.

As a matter of fact, this project has already turned into a Deja Vu and in complete limbo. Citizens are being bombarded with all kinds of government projects funded with and worth millions of dollars but these projects are wasted in spite of all the expertise at play.

This timely intervention by MASLOC was a brilliant concept meant to support the operations of MASLOC by processing loan disbursement digitally, increase access to their products and services, reduce the human interface in their operations and increase efficiency through enhanced performance.

The system was designed in a way that it came with the introduction of the MASLOC CARD for applications.

With this technology, applicants were expected to receive the results of their applications within 24 hours, with the card containing such vital information as the applicant’s Tax Identification Number, Ghana Post GPS address, and also useable on ATM machines.

But from recent developments at MASLOC, the project has been in limbo and nothing purposeful has come out of it.

MASLOC still resorts to the old system of applications coupled with a direct human interface in dealing with applicants and loan beneficiaries.

We are indeed compelled to ask some critical questions at this point.

What has led to the stalling of the MASLOC ICT Project?

Whose responsibility was it in ensuring that the new system worked to serve its purpose of investment?

After one year of the launch of the project, what are the authorities waiting to be fixed in order to make the ICT System fully operational?

By: Yaw Konney Duku

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