Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Mental Health Service, Dr. Kwasi Osei has stated that the Rastafarian students require intensive psychological attention.

Speaking on Nkawkaw based Agoo FM’s morning show, ‘ Ene Nso Bio’, the Psychiatrist said “there are two things involved, upon their arrival on campus, they may feel big, after all, they had taken the school on which has ultimately given them freedom. They may also be trolled by their colleagues and could be ostracised by their tutors. If they are courageous enough, they can stand it. But if they are not courageous, they will be at risk.”

This, according to Dr. Osei, attracts a thorough psychological counselling session which will strengthen them to remain focused as students.

The Psychiatrist used Agoo Fm as a platform to reach out to the Guidance and Counselling Unit within the institution to come to the aid of these Students.

“I believe the School has Counsellors. I appeal to them to assist these students through a psychological counselling process.”

He added that “even though most Counsellors in the second cycle schools are Educational Counsellors, their job does not contradict the task assigned to a Counsellor.”

He further appealed to the School Authorities to ensure that these Students enjoy a maximum measure of their rights and freedoms.

Some teachers may be in support of them. Others may not support them. I humbly ask the authorities to see to the welfare of these students so that they are not in any way bullied by teachers who are not in support of them.” he said.

He concluded that all and sundry must come to a consensus about a particular rule or regulation so that when one flouts it, they would be penalised.

Source: Ama Mirekua Antwi