The High Court in Accra presided over by Justice Rebecca Sittie has fixed June 15, 2021, to determine an interlocutory injunction filed by Prince Charles Dedjoe against the family of his late wife, Lillian Dedjoe.

The applicant is seeking a restraining order against the family for burying his late wife in his absence.

Dedjoe, a Business Executive is currently in lawful custody for the alleged murder of his wife.

In court on Wednesday, the court was minded to hear the application in the absence of counsel for Dedjoe, Nkrabea Effah Dateh.

Letter from Nkrabea’s and Associates

In court on Wednesday, when the case was called, the sitting judge said, “I have just been given a letter from the plaintiff applicant Counsel seeking an adjournment to June 23 on medical grounds without any attachments whatsoever.”

Afia Brown Hissen, Counsel of Seth Charles Blasu, the father of the late Lillian also said, “I have also received a copy of the letter. At the last adjourned date, one of the associates of the firm Nkrabea and Associates represented the plaintiff applicant and requested a short adjournment for this matter as they were served 3 days before the last hearing and as a result needed more time. As the court didn’t have a copy of our copy, their request was granted.”

Counsel said the letter was calculated to waste everybody’s time.

According to her, per the letterhead of the Nkrabea and Associates, “there 15 Associates lawyers of the law firm who can easily move the application.”

“So, my lady, I humbly pray that this matter is heard because you indicated to us at the last adjourned date that you were just going to take authorities to support our cases and not to take long argument.

“Clearly there is no authority for applicant case either in common, equity or customary law for the Applicant application that is why they are not here.”

By Court

The court after listening to the defendant’s counsel said, “I have looked at the letter from counsel for Applicant without any attachments for a medical excuse. Secondly, the date counsel proposed is far too long and today is June 9 and the proposed date is 23 which is a whole month after the Counsel of Plaintiff was served with the defendants processes. I’m minded to hear the applicants response.”


Counsel for the defendants while opposing the application said “We have been served with an application for an interlocutory injunction to restrain the defendants from burying and conducting the funeral of deceased Mrs. Lillian Dedjoe.

According to her, it is trite law that the corpse is for the family, that is the extended family and not the nuclear family.

She argued that the deceased person is the responsibility of the extended family and on authorities cited prayed the court to dismiss the application.

The court after listening to her adjourned to June 15 for a ruling.

The court also ordered for a hearing notice to be served on the lawyers of the applicant.

A cost of GHc 500 against the applicant.

Source: Inusah