Ken Ofori-Atta - Minister of Finance

“The disaster of an economy that we have in Ghana today is as a result of the debilitating advice of the IMF and World Bank etc,” the Convention People’s Party(CPP) has said.

The CPP contends that after the overthrow of the first leader, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah successive governments have lost control of the levers of the economy.

A Press Statement by the CPP on the economy said:”…we are now a client nation to the World Bank, IMF and other Western creditor nations” adding that these global entities have been left with the power to structure the context within which Ghana formulated her economic policy.

According to the CPP, there is an imminent collapse of the Ghanaian economy, calling for a stakeholder engagement with Experts, Policy Makers, and Politicians to salvage Ghana’s crumbling economy.

“The commanding heights of Ghana’s economy are now in the hands of foreigners whilst
indigenous Ghanaians do the menial jobs.

“Our citizenry are not informed enough about the implications of policies proposed by parties beyond campaign talking points. It is time to bring Ghanaians back to the table.CPP is proposing a series of public debates, fueled only by facts and evidence, to discuss our trajectory and the policies and decisions that have real consequences in the lives of Ghanaians.

“The CPP, by this press statement is calling for a honest assessment of the state of affairs and debate our path forward with Experts, Policy Makers, and Politicians.”

Source: Ghana/ Fm