Music can be very inconceivable and hard to describe thanks to its almost magical nature.

Especially, when you need someone to translate ideas, emotions, and messages into music, it is quite difficult to communicate your internal musical concepts in a way that someone understands them sufficiently enough to come close to your ideals.

With this, talented Ghanaian music producer and afrobeat artiste known in music space as Zodivc is gearing on another self-produced masterpiece dubbed ‘Kwa Brane’ in which he featured a great voice Nii M and another prolific artiste Yaa Pono.

According to the producer cum artiste, the new song creates the most fitting and beautiful music that forms a symbiosis with the deeper meaning of the Twi word ‘Kwa Brane’ which means “Self-actualized youth” or an Idol in a society.

The Mugeez Extrial music producer and sound engineer Zodivc said the title is the highest level of psychological development, where the personal potential is fully realized after basic bodily and ego needs have been fulfilled.

“So this can be related right from the start of the music in the chorus when I said, “ yε winning yε gεngi joe wonti asi deε dεdi dεdi kwa Brane in my benzo “What meant basically was that “people on the street ” are known to be low lives in the society so they conform to whatever society throws at them which makes them limited potentially and physically.

He added that when a youth realizes what he or she is worth himself, his dream comes true, and becomes successful then he is termed as ‘KWABRANE’ because he created his own path.

The song is inspired by the struggles and success in life. “How I perceive life to be. For me, I think although there are ups and downs in life, the focus should be on winning.”

Visuals were directed by Adotey Lomotey.