Ask Nano, a new business directory platform that seeks to offer an avenue for traders, service providers and customers has been launched.

The mobile application platform, wholly Ghanaian-owned, is a simplified and easy-to-use app that ticks all the boxes for classifieds and directories.

Convenient, fast and reliable, it is meant to bring hidden businesses to the fore to be discovered while giving potential customers the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of service providers.

Customers have amazing options in-app; they are able to rate, review and also see instant and previous recommendations made by individuals, homes and organizations who patronize it.

Businesses can create a full and detailed business profile and promote it for free.

Ask Nano is fully operational and available on the android and iOS store.

“Ask Nano is a trusted tool that was built to manage the stress people go through accessing services. AskNano makes businesses more discoverable and reachable. We provide a platform through which users can find businesses and tradesmen within seconds at any desired location,” says Nour Nader, Director, AskNano.

She added that “we want people to be able to search for businesses, review and recommend them while interacting with them through the in-app messaging, wall posting options, stories posting, and even share the business page across various platforms. The same profile can be used for creating business accounts and not only one, the user can add all his businesses and benefit from all AskNano features.”

Easy to set up, it has fully started onboarding businesses with a pilot currently underway for traders and service providers in the LEKMA Municipality in the Greater Accra Region.

“We see an opportunity to build something that is truly Ghanaian at heart. Ask Nano perfectly fits that description. The feedback we have received so far from businesses within our piloting enclave is encouraging. We get the understanding that they have been looking for a solution like this for a while. We are going to deliver on our promise of offering a world-class product.”

The Ask Nano app stocks useful features such as faster load times, cloud synchronization, auto updates, lower memory usage, enhanced security and a friendly user interface.