I have always wanted to be a lawyer and this is my fifth attempt. I completed the University of Ghana in 2014 and have been writing this law entrance since.

I have changed lecturers just to pass but to no avail. So I said I was not going to write again last year but a friend advised me that due to the increase in numbers last year and the fact that it was an election year, more people will be passed. I did it but had 48. So I was very certain I will pass this time so I was devasted when the pass list came out and my index number was not part.

I saw the full raw results of the exams on our platform and when I checked, I had 57. So when we made the enquiries we were told we should have gotten 50% for both sections A and B. I just don’t know. Maybe I am not meant to be a lawyer so I have decided not to pursue this dream again. I have given up on Ghana. The system is sick.

What will be their excuse in next year’s exam even if I pass. And we have 3 lawyers ruling Ghana. Sad

NB. The author wants to remain anonymous