I was born by the sea where grandfather gave birth to my father. I was named by my grandfather. I took his height. I took his skills. I was a fisherman.

I was born by the sea where grandmother fried fish and smoked fish. I grew up enjoying the delicacies the sea gave grandfather and grandmother skillfully cooked.

I was born by the sea where the roar of the waves was in rhythm with my heartbeat through the umbilical cord. The sea and I had a bond. The sea and I knew each other.

I was born by the sea where father and mother continued where grandfather and grandmother kicked the bucket. Father and Mother became grandfather and grandmother, and I became father and she mother.

I was born by the sea where everyone knew everyone and everyone saw grandfather in me more than they saw him in father. I mastered the skills passed on by grandfather. No one could row a canoe better than I.

I was born by the sea where I took pride in the height of grandfather and I. Grandfather and I were as tall as the waves and we were triplets or so I thought till grandfather joined the ancestors and father became as old as the canoe and stayed home.

I was born by the sea where I was king only till yesterday. Yesterday, came and whispered that the sea was with grandfather and I was reduced in height. The sea stopped beating in rhythm with me and betrayed me with a violent kiss that tore my heart to pieces and left me broken.

I was born by the sea where I called home till the sea chose to turn away from me leaving me homeless. I am on my knees where the sea has brought me searching for the umbilical cord to return to the ancestors where the sea can hurt me no more.