The President of the University of Ghana Business School Alumni Association, Dr. Kwaku Ofosu Asare has underscored the need for the association to come together to strengthen the group and achieve its objectives.

He made this statement at the UGBS Alumni End of year Dinner which was held at the University of Ghana Business School in Legon on Friday, December 17, 2021.

According to him, the main purpose of the annual dinner is to bring the Alumni together, interact and put plans ahead for the coming year.

“The main aim of organizing this event is to bring the Alumni together, it’s an annual event, which serves as the platform for bringing us together, interacting, and planning ahead of the coming year. It also gives us the opportunity for the young and old Alumni to interact, network, and outline their program”- he said.

Dr. Kwaku Ofosu Asare also indicated that this event serves as the preparation for the Business Excellence Awards next April which was launched last year, adding that this event is a very important occasion in the calendar of the Alumni Association.

He took the opportunity to brief the gathering on a series of events which was observed in the Alumni calendar this year.

“This year was a great year, as all events held this year were honored respectfully. For instance, we went to a farm to celebrate Farmers’ day with Cocoa farmers in Kwawu. The main motive of this was to unite the farmers together and make them have a feel of this important celebration as it has become a norm that the farmers’ day is mostly celebrated by those in the cities. This is disheartening, because those who are producing the Cocoa, most of them do not have the chance to even have a taste of the Chocolate. However, this act has come to stay as we will celebrate every Farmer’s day with the Cocoa farmers. Starting from February 24, (Chocolate day).

“We also visited Orphanage, gave out, interacted, and made them also feel part of society,” he said.

Dr. Kwaku expressed optimism that this event will live up to its purpose and expectation.