Veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, has explained why his latest WhatsApp voice note, in which he was heard begging for leftover food leaked on social media.

He told Takoradi-based Empire FM that, MzGee, the media personality who he had sent the audio message to, called to inform him that, at the time he sent the message she was not in the country so she forwarded the message to her husband to see how best they could help him.

“I do talk to MzGee because she’s been to my house a few times and I think the first time when I was very sick and then she came around and even did an appeal for help from the public, after, we’ve been in touch and anytime I was in some difficulty, I would call her and she will help.

“So, on this particular day, I just sent her a WhatsApp message… [but] I didn’t hear from her, so, I thought maybe she would be busy or something. Just last [Monday, January 10] night, she called me and said when I sent the message she was in Nigeria and so she sent the message to somebody to see if the person could be of assistance; specifically, she said she sent it to her husband…,” TT, as he is known popularly explained.

He added that he did not think MzGee will deliberately leak the said audio to the public looking at how she had been of help to him and his family when he was sick.

“…we spoke at length last night and she promised to come and see me today [Tuesday, January 11] so, as I’m talking, I’m expecting her…I don’t think MzGee will do a thing like that…please don’t attack MzGee; I don’t think she will consciously do a thing like that, no, I don’t believe that,” Adjeteyfio stressed.

The popular actor who was a star in the ‘Taxi Driver’ TV series has been in the news again following his plea for leftover.

In a leaked audio available to GhanaWeb, TT is head stating that since he received help from Vice President Dr. Bawumia, all those who were willing to help him withdrew.
The situation, the actor indicated that has created a lot of problems for him.