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A former Deputy Roads and Highways Minister, Owusu Oduomi has openly confessed that the New Patriotic Party(NPP) despite declaring the year 2021/2022 as the Year of Roads is seriously struggling to finance these projects.

President Nana Addo declared Year of Roads after he was retained a second term during the general elections with the aim of fixing deplorable roads in the country.

Some roads have since been fixed while others that were awarded on contract have been abandoned by the contractors because certificates they raised for months have not been honoured in the wake of debtors chasing them for goods taken on credit among others.

The Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Ejisu and Ashanti Regional Chairman hopeful admits that President Akufo-Addo’s government is struggling to find money in order to pay contractors.

Speaking on Oyerepa Fm Morning Show monitored by, he explained that government needs more money to enable it implement the year of roads promise.

“The reality is that government does not have money to pay contractors, which they have admitted. That’s another reason for the introduction of E-levy; to enable them to offset these debts” Oduomi revealed.

“The major challenge in the Ashanti region is our roads. Take Kwabre roads for example. The truth is road projects have been awarded in the region. If I tell you the number of contracts you’d be amazed. I was recently preparing a script for Kyei Mensah and only 8 percent of our roads are in good condition. Our roads are bad, to say the least. We need huge money to fix them. The government owes contractors filling just potholes, that’s how bad the situation is” he lamented.

“I don’t understand why Ghanaians blame contractors when roads are abandoned by contractors because the government has failed to pay the contractors”.

He added -Government has awarded the majority of roads in Ashanti Region but the problem is the government doesn’t have money to support or pay the contractors”