Management of the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC) has issued a warning to media platforms that have not attained the right to broadcast the 2021 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) against piracy.

Having been delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic, the 33rd edition of the AFCON is expected to start on January 9, 2022, in Cameroon.

According to the state broadcaster, not only has it invested more than 2 million euros into its coverage of the tournament but also contributed tirelessly its time and effort to bring the 2021 AFCON to the doorstep of every Ghanaian.

Addressing the press, Director for Legal Service, John Kwame Waja said the state broadcaster GBC is collaborating with the Ghana Police Service to bring all persons who will be found culpable of piracy to face the law serving as a deterrent to others.

“People are investing their time and money to ensure that this comes across into the nation so that investment would have to be protected and by giving the revolution in technology, we all know that this is the time that people take the opportunity even though they will not like to be part of the investment but they want to take the opportunity to be able to steal the content and show it for free while we put in the effort,” he said.

He indicated that adequate measure has been put in place to monitor and arrest all persons who will be found guilty of piracy.

“We have put in a mechanism to ensure that anybody who pirates whether on television or on the radio or whether online, we are going to detect it. So we are not just going to say it by mouth that we’ve heard it but we will come with clear evidence to show the fact,” he said.

Taking his turn, Deputy Director for Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghana Police Service, ASP Victor Dosoo reiterated that the police’s partnership with the GBC  will ensure that proper investigations are carried out as far as matters relating to pirating the AFCON 2022 is concerned.

“The soccer feistier is likely to be shown across all media networks including TV hence piracy is likely to be part and being front run by the GBC, the police service is ready to ensure that proper and full-scale criminal investigations are instituted into cases of such crimes so perpetrators of such crime are brought to justice,” he said.

He warned that as caution from the Inspector general of police, persons who are likely to hide under corporate identity to “perpetuate these crimes will actually be held and ensure that criminal proceedings are brought against them before the law court,” he added.

Media Partners for 2021 AFCON

The 2021 AFCON will be telecast only on stations that have partnered with the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation.

As the lead partner, the soccer game will be shown on all GBC platforms as well as other multimedia platforms which include other authorized platforms including Net 2 TV, Angel TV, ETV, MX 24, Omy TV, Woeszor TV, and Metro TV.

Media houses that still have an interest to partner with GBC still have the chance to participate in partnering with the state’s broadcaster.

Source: B&FT