As a child, I was very humbled anytime I needed something from Daddy.

I understood that even though he ought to take full responsibility of my needs because I was his Child, force or coercion was a bad technique to apply in my quest for something I wanted him to do for me as my Father.

Growing up, I came to a realization that associations rather opt for a refusal of work usually organized in the form of protest in an attempt to obtain concessions from their leaders. Oh, what an irony of life!

Anytime I probed into this new normal emerged the controversial statement, ‘if persuasion fails, force must be applied. I ask myself “was I wrong about humbly putting before my Dad, my petitions and wants?”

It is beyond reasonable doubt that humans, first of all, promote the self beyond others’ interests.

This piece of writing critically assesses the negative consequences of strike action particularly on the University Student. Now you know where we are heading towards. I hate to burst my reader’s bubble but I think we don’t go to campus to spend on food and water without any effective teaching and learning.

Notwithstanding other equally important academic activities. Food is literally expensive on University campuses.

Young people with no salaries and monthly allowances will not spend their little earns on expensive food while there is no academic work for them to do with the energy they have gained from these expensive foods.

Machines even rest after work. There comes so much academic workload on students when Lecturers strike. The idea is, once teaching and learning resume, there will be no rest for Students.

Assignments and quizzes will be piled on them. Interestingly, Some Lecturers will opt for directed reading. In the case of directed reading, the Lecturer will have no hand in the topics in question. Students are expected to read and understand all by themselves and actually expect some likely examinable questions from these study areas. Very sad.

In worst situations, that particular semester could be canceled and rescheduled. This happens when the Lecturers strike beyond a certain timeline. So that wherever point Students got to academically will be a thing of the past because they will actually have to start all over again. So pathetic!

Amma Mirekua Antwi (Amma June)
University of Cape Coast