The New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region has parried allegations of interference and mafia tactics in the ongoing constituency elections in the party’s strong hold.

It follows complains in some constituencies including Kwadaso, Subin and Asante Akyim Central where aggrieved parties point to machinations to favor certain candidates.

The newly elected constituency chairman for Manhyia South Richard Affori Attah has for instance, dared to resist regional executives who continue to frustrate the democratic processes in the party.

Ashanti Regional Communications Director Kwasi Kyei, however, contends regional executives reserve the right to intervene in any constituency matters without same interpreted as undue.

Speaking to Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, he avered, I don’t think if there was any interference, that constituency chairman would have had the chance to go through the system and become the chairman.

“No body can say they will not allow the region come into a constituency issue. How then can the constituency also have an issue and bring it to the regional level for redress,” He quizzed.

The Regional Communications Director took a swipe at the opposition National Democratic Congress for questioning the democratic credentials of the NPP insisting the NDC has no moral right to speak about pockets of misgivings in his party’s ongoing constituency elections.

“If the NDC has a problem, they should start thinking of how they are going to hold their elections. From the 28th to the 2nd of May we will be done but the NDC has not even taken a step” he teased.

Kwasi Kyei further directed that all aggrieved parties forward their complaints to the alternative dispute resolution teams assigned to the constituency and regional offices.

He indicated that the party had structures in place headed by the council of elders and patrons to address each case on their merit after all the reports are reviewed.

Source: Heathcote – Fumador