Former Asante Kotoko CEO, Herbert Mensah, has advised the Ghana Football Association to put effort into solving the issues surrounding match-fixing in Ghana football rather than just talking.

The Ghana Premier League Association has been rocked with several match-fixing and betting allegations in the last few seasons with the latest to come public being the AshantiGold encounter against Inter Allies in the 2020/21 season.

The case has been looked into by the disciplinary committee of the Ghana FA but a verdict is yet to be given as we approach the end of the 2021/22 campaign.

Speaking to Akoma 87.9 FM, Mensah tasked the Kurt Okraku-led administration to pay attention to fixing the betting and match-fixing problems and do less talking.

“When it comes to football, we raise our heads and say, things are not perfect. We need to move in the right direction in Ghana, we need to tackle betting and gambling,” he said.

“We need to identify if really people at the top are involved in this terrible thing which is affecting the integrity of our game. You will not get sponsorship and money if you are seen to be involved in bad dealings. So Kurt needs to get a grip, he doesn’t need to just talk about it, he must fix it.

“Government must also get involved. Together let’s find a solution because my late father used to tell me all the time that government is for the people and the narrative is true whether you are at the FA, ministry or somewhere else, you work for the people. Let’s do the little things and get it right and not sit down waiting for things to fall apart.”