The Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, Hon. Akosua Frema Osei Opare has donated assorted items to underprivileged children of the Shallome of Zion Foundation in Madina.

This charity work is one of the many donations carried out by Hon. Akosua Frema Osei Opare across the country to assist in rebuilding young lives for a better future.

This affirms her firm belief that giving back to children in needy situations puts a smile on the faces of vulnerable children who are resident in children’s homes and orphanages.

As the Chief of Staff, she has remained true to her long-standing conviction that all children should have an equal chance to thrive irrespective of their social and economic status. This underscores her motivation for donating these numerous items to the Shallome of Zion Foundation in Madina today in order to rescue and equips children under the care of the Foundation.

Thomas Agyekum Kyeremeh who is Presidential Staffer at the Office of the Chief of Staff presented these items on behalf of Hon. Akosua Frema Osei Opare. In highlighting the rationale for this act of benevolence, Mr Thomas Agyekum Kyeremeh mentioned that:

As a true mother, Hon. Akosua Frema Osei Opare’s love and care for orphaned and abandoned children remain unmatched and has remained committed to putting smiles on the faces of underprivileged children both in rural and urban centers in Ghana. This explains why she has donated these items to this foundation today.

The items donated included several boxes of assorted cereals for kids, cartons of Milk and Milo, boxes of tea bags, gallons of oil, bags of rice, hand washing soaps, disinfectants, several bundles of toilet rolls, paper towels, assorted drinks, cartons of assorted tin fish, powdered soaps, buckets of washing powder, bathing soaps, boxes of oatmeal, tomatoes paste, bags of sugar, packs of water and many others.

Caretakers at the Shallome of Zion Foundation were also cautioned to put the donated items to good use in order to produce the expected benefit to these vulnerable children under care in the orphanage.