Ghana’s Alex Amankwa was dejected and broke down in tears following his disqualification from the men’s 800 metres on Wednesday in the ongoing world athletics championships in Oregon.

Amankwa, one of the remaining hopefuls at the games was disqualified from heat 2 for a lane violation.

A qualification was on the card despite finishing 4th as one of the best times of the Heats. Amankwa finished with a time of 1:45.92 in his Heat and could have still sailed through to the semifinals with one of the superior times outside the automatic qualification slots.

Replay showed that the Ghanaian 800 metres runner stepped inside the borderline thrice just before the legal switch meaning he had violated the rules.

Inconsolable Amankwa lamented; “I worked too hard and a moment like this breaks me and discourages me but I know this is going to make me better”.

Amankwa in an interview with Ghanaian Journalist, Fentuo Tahiru could not hide his disappointment as he wept profusely like a baby but was upbeat about his future prospects.

As it stands, Ghana’s chances of winning a third medal at the world championships continue to dwindle as they keep on blowing away chances as the championships come to a climax this weekend.

Ghana is now turning all attention to the men’s 4×100 relay and long jump which are scheduled for Saturday, July 23, 2022.

While Ghana’s stocks continue to fall at the games other African countries like Ethiopia (8 medals), Kenya (6 medals) and Uganda ( 2 medals) have theirs rising.

Author: Alexander Anyankwaa || ||Oregon