As a citizen of this republic, it is your constitutional mandate to air your views on national matters.

However, you also own it as a civic responsibility not to mislead, misinform, miseducate, deceive and misrepresent the facts on such an important national issue all in an attempt to do the bidding of your parochial interest.

Yes, Ghana is requesting the IMF for financial support.

The question now, what is accounting for this decision and whether or not is the best decision to be considered by the managers of our economy?

All over the world, many countries including giant economies are going for one form of support or the other from the IMF. The truth of the matter is that there is a global crisis that has adversely affected the global economy and Ghana is not of exception.

Until we understand that, we will not be able to make any meaningful and objective contribution to the issue under discussion.

Now for those people who are so happy and in a state of jubilation because our dear country is struggling and therefore seeking financial assistance from the IMF, all in an attempt to say the NDC and the NPP are the same, please, you are getting it all wrong. The simple reason here is that the mismanagement of the economy under the NDC regime led the country into going to IMF for a bailout. But under the NPP, it is evidenced that the whole world is in economic recession due to global crises such as the COVID 19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

As a proud Ghanaian, I am extremely confident that the nation will bounce back stronger than ever before and soon all shall come to pass. Let’s trust in the managers of our economy and with the support of us all, Ghana will win.