In any election that is credible, free, and fair, all candidates gain full access to the total list of electorates (the album or register) weeks (or even months) ahead of the election in order to clear every doubt of any or purported attempts to rig the election.

This, however, has not been the case of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) whose election of National Officers is less than two weeks away.

A fortnight ago when the party concluded vetting, the topmost of almost all the prospective National Executives during their engagements with the media, had to do with the timely release of the party’s album to the contestants.

One would have expected that John Boadu the current General Secretary being a candidate himself would have submitted the process to openness, transparency and accountability and by that make the register available even before the anticipated time.

That expectation with respect to production of the Album/Voters Register is however yet to be met.

When developments of such nature ensue ahead of a political party’s internal elections, they border on either the Incompetence of the General Secretary of the party or a deliberate attempt on his part to rig the elections with his cohorts.

It is indefensible to concoct that after constituency and regional level elections, there are challenges putting a national album together. This is contemptuous, highly suspicious, and ruins the practice of intra-party democracy.

John BOADU’s attitudes, actions, and inactions clearly exhibit malicious and ill-intents about the elections that send strong signals to unseat him. Whilst he has kept the album to himself, it is alleged that he is in confidential talks with some delegates from the party’s branches in the diaspora, assuring them of hotel accommodation at “coded” and secluded areas so that his contenders have no access to them until voting is over.

I consider this ploy as a means for John BOADU to rig the election. John should know that he can do anything, out of desperation, to retain his seat but not this time!

It is important to state here for the purpose of reference that before balloting was done John BOADU knew his position. This statement can not be either denied or contested. John BOADU and his campaign team in Asante Akim Enclave were heard on record telling the delegates that when they go to the poll they should not look elsewhere but number one position on the sheet. This statement was made clear three days before balloting was done and indeed the team lead by Evans Nimako the Director of Research and Elections and a member of the Election committee schemed for John BOADU to pick Number one (1).

We pray on Mr. Peter Mac Manu, and Hon. Oboshie Sai Coffie, Ambassador Edward Boateng, Lawyer Gary Nimako, Dr. Kwaku Agyemang-Budu Esq., Emmanuel Darkwa Esq., and the other members of the Elections Committee of the party to safeguard the process to ensure that it is smooth and transparent devoid of ambiguity and suspicion.

Ghanaians continue to wonder and worry as to why TESCON list could be submitted and be withdrawn. Shrouding things in secrecy in a Democratic process and dispensation only smacks of incompetence or intents of perjury.

It is important to state and remind the committee that after the vetting, the chairman informed the aspirants that the album would be ready and made available to them on June 29, 2022 but till now, the Diaspora album, Proxy list and TESCON list are not available. Even the delegates and regional executives list are also not wholly complete. This gives a cause to worry with the greatest suspicion that there is a scheme in place for the election to be rigged in favor of John BOADU and other aspirants or indeed John BOADU is incompetent.

John BOADU’s failure or inability to ensure departments under him discharge their duties effectively and efficiently in itself is a strong reason to replace him with a more dedicated, competent and committed candidate to take charge of the administration of the party, the surest bet for the party to break the 8.

By: Wilhemina Kumi

NB. Views expressed by the author are solely hers and do not represent the position of