The premiere of Angel TV’s much-anticipated television series starts Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

“Bohye,” as titled, promises to be captivating and never gets boring for all, especially movie freaks.

Beyond the excitement it presents, the series absorbs audiences in an atmosphere of lov

The ‘Twinovella’ is set in a typical non-industrial rural Ghanaian community yet rich in culture to educate and inform the audience, about the beautiful Ghanaian culture.

“Bohye” seeks to, among other things, help the youth assimilate the culture in an era where the nation’s youth gravitate more toward foreign cultures owing to their exposure to the latter.

Obaasima Serwah Akoto

The show comes with a review segment to be hosted by one of Angel TV’s sensational presenters, Obaaasima Serwaa Akoto.

The segment discusses the characters, theme, and salient scenes while juxtaposing them with real-life situations to help the audience better appreciate issues.

“Bohye” airs at 7:30 pm on Angel TV on Wednesdays.