Showbiz icon and TV/radio personality, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa (KKD), has revealed that those imitating his style of walking with a stick are rather making mockery of his sickness.

He said he had a knee surgery which was poorly done by the supposed doctor but has refused to take legal action against the surgeon for the flaw.

“I was treated for depression when the rape story was labelled against me and had a swollen knee which I had a surgery done. For those who see me with a walking stick thinking it’s a swag, you’re rather imitating my sickness,” KKD told Delay.

According to him, the swollen knee occurred after an accident which resulted in tearing his miniel menistery but they made a mistake doing the surgery.

“The doctor who did the surgery never planned for causing harm to me intentionally, it was a mistake but I think once I can still walk I’ve to let go and focus ahead,” KKD added.

KKD added that his father told him that he was created differently by God when it comes to knowledge and communicating in public.

KKD started as a broadcast journalist at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. He has held positions including Director of Public Communications at the Ghana Investment Promotion Council, Director of Programmes & Marketing at Sunshine Radio, General Manager of record company Megastar Limited, Account Manager for Corporate Healthcare at Gissings Consultancy Services in London.

He also was Advertising & Promotions Manager at ABC Brewery Ltd.