Former President Jerry John Rawlings has referred to Maverick politician and founder of the defunct United Renaissance Party Charles Kofi Wayo as very broke politician.

He(Mr. Rawlings) and Kofi Wayo were both discovered among others in top ten wealthiest millionaires in Ghana.

Kofi Wayo with the total estimated wealth of about 30 million US dollars is number ten in the list of richest Ghanaians, who according to the reportage had earned his fortunes as a merchant of armed equipment including guns.

But the ex-military leader said he believes Kofi Wayo paid his way to be counted among the league of Ghanaian millionaires, insisting the latter doesn’t deserve to be in the league of rich men in the country.

In his case, he says he has been deliberately placed among the so-called millionaires in this country so it could water down the truth about suspected thieves and corrupt individuals.

He disclosed he never owned a foreign bank account as President of the Republic of Ghana,and wonders why he could be counted among wealthy individuals in the country.

“When I came out of office , together with my wife, we never even had a foreign Account to say we have even USD10 inside it. Today, when they’re tabling all the billionaires and the millionaires, you know that we have, they put Rawlings at number 9, I think or second to last, and they give me USD50 million. Meanwhile the last man behind me is Kofi Wayo,…they’ve  given him either 30 or USD 3 million; as for Kofi Wayo i know he’s so broke that I believe he must have paid the newspaper, put me there and put 30 million against my name.”

“I’ve answered that kind of thing on three occasions and I’ll answer it again. They play this games as a way of whitewashing themselves, the genuine and the thieves amongst them; so that if Rawlings can have USD 50 million, there is nothing wrong with it. If I had it, i would have worked honestly for it, but I don’t. They have it, the thieves and the honest ones, and they want it to be acceptable; they want it to look normal,without anybody asking how did you come by it? 

He was addressing a durbar of cadres and activists to climax activities marking the 39th anniversary of the June 4th uprising on Monday.

This year’s celebration is under the theme, “Re-organising towards the core values”.

Other speakers at the event included NDC party chairman, Kofi Portuphy, Dan Abodakpi, Fritz Baffour, Samuel Nuamah Donkor, Ebi Bright and Lawrence Lamptey.