A daughter of George Boateng, the man who wants to contest President John Mahama in the upcoming primaries of the ruling NDC, says he is against his decision.

In an exclusive interview with Kasapa News’ Kwaku Opare, the young lady (name withheld) questioned Boateng’s decision, insisting Politics is the last thing a Jehovah Witness should think of.

“I was there this morning and heard him making a call that he is going to contest President Mahama; and then he started getting calls from radio stations.

“I am a Witness and he is one, too; i don’t know but this whole Politics thing does not sit well with us.”

“I am against it.”

Opare additionally reports that she sees her father’s attempt as an act of betrayal, especially to the Jehovah Witness faith.

Boateng’s popularity has grown after this website first broke the news he wanted to contest Mahama. READ HERE

In what has since been described as a very bold attempt, he has also incurred the wrath of some Party loyalists who feel he is being over ambitious.

Some have even called him a traitor, and insane.

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana