A deputy manager of the now-defunct Capital Bank, Raymond Dankwa has advised workers of the newly created Consolidated bank who were handed letters that informed them of their probation status to begin the fight now, demanding their entitlements before they are axed by management of the new bank in the next 60 days.

Some employees of the now Consolidated Banks are likely to lose their jobs in the coming days as a probation has been given out to them by management.

A letter signed by the CEO of the bank Daniel Addo to staff that welcomed the workers to their new employer also noted they will be assessed in the next 60 days after which their employment status will be affirmed.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa morning show on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Dankwa said it will be a long battle if they[retrenched staff] agree to go home in anticipation of their exit package later as may be promised by the new management, insisting it’s not advisable to go home and wait for their entitlements.

“Recently in the instance of the CBG, the Governor said there will not be any job loss; they’ve been given 60 days, and after 60 days they are going to do assessment. That should inform you that a lot more people will lose their job. But I’ll tell them, look they should make sure they sit in the office and take their entitlements before they leave, either than that you’ll become like us; a year now we’ve not been paid and we’re really struggling in life .” he told host of Anopa Kasapa morning show on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Kwaku Owusu Adjei Tuesday.

He added:“What I’ve read is that they’ve consulted ICU to negotiate their exit package on their behalf. We also consulted the services of UNICOF to negotiate our package on our behalf. Austin Gamey was the one that negotiated for PwC ; a year uptill date we are still sitting without the monies.”

Notwithstanding the job security promises that were made to employees, Raymond and several others were sent home by the new owners of the now defunct Capital bank.

Several of them have still not received their benefits from the new owners a year on.

Dankwa for instance is currently surviving on grilling meat at events.

In a reaction to the banking crisis on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Dankwa said a lot more banks will come down  and hence Bankers should switch their minds to something else.

BoG collapsed Capital Bank and UT Bank in August 2017 citing liquidity challenges while their assets taken over by state-owned GCB Bank.

In similar fashion, the Bank of Ghana weeks ago announced the amalgamation of uniBank and four other banks into a new brand name – Consolidated Bank – after they were found to be struggling with liquidity issues.