“I would like to give confidence and express my gratitude to his royal highness Prince Ali.

Because Prince Ali was a competitor, a challenger and he has obtained a very good result and he, in a certain situation, easily could have said ‘no, let’s go further, perhaps I will receive more votes’.

On the other hand, I thank you that you have accepted me for the next four years. I will be in command of this boat called FIFA. We will bring it back, we will bring it back offshore and bring it back to the beach… beach soccer can be played anywhere. We have to work on that.

We have also to make some organisational problems inside FIFA, inside the executive committee because we must have better representation of all the confederations.

And again we need in this committee, we need ladies… we have to do more, and more in our competitions also. I will not touch the World Cup, because the World Cup is too important, but for the other competitions especially the World Under-17s, Under-20s.

We will have more respect for Oceania, they have only one slot on the executive committee, one slot. We have to do something for that. It’s not good.

I take the responsibility to bring back FIFA. I’m convinced we can do it.”

I was thinking, it was in meditation. I am a faithful man, God, Allah or whatever it is, the spirit in the vote, they will help us bring back FIFA to where it should be.

At the end of this term I will give FIFA to my successor in a strong position. We have to work together. The age is no problem.

I like you, I like my job.

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But we will do a good job together, I’m sure.

I thank you so much for the confidence, together we go. Let’s go FIFA! Let’s go FIFA! Thank you, thank you so much.”