Controversial Counselor, George Lutterodt has slammed students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for their gross indiscipline and senseless behaviour following the violence that erupted during a student demonstration on Monday.

According to him, the unfortunate incident could have been avoided if students had restrained and obeyed orders from school authorities, not to hold a vigil which resulted in some brutality meted on them by internal security of the school.

Speaking to host Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Anopa Kasapa,  on Kasapa Fm, he said “How on earth, should students by angry and in their anger, they didn’t take their own dresses to destroy but the property of the school be destroyed and we are looking at them”.

“These are people we are rising to become future leaders and this is how they can force situations, then what are we wasting our money for, it a waste of resources…..Why should people be angry and destroy school properties, if you are angry, go into your dormitory, carry your bag your father bought for you, your trunk, come outside, buy your own matches and burn your dresses and go naked” he added.

He bemoaned persons apportioning blame to school authorities, particularly the Vice Chancellor of the University, whose decision to convert single sex halls into unisex hall many say is the root cause of all the trouble.

“We have people blaming the Vice Chancellor for what has happened and I sit back and ask what on earth is going on in our country. This level of indiscipline is becoming to much in this country and someone must stand against it” he said.

Meanwhile, the school has been closed down indefinitely in the wake of the unrest.

By: Alex Semordzi