Lawyer Charles Bentum, lead Cousel for some 14 accused judges cited in the alleged corruption scandal in Ghana’s Judiciary is seeking to clear the authenticity of the said video evidence, suggesting for it to be analysed thoroughly by technical experts.

The 14 Judges already challenging the process that led to their suspension have also called on the Judicial Council to take time and make experts study the video tendered in evidence, insisting that the video leaves doubts over the allegations of corruption leveled against them.

Lawyer Charles Bentum, speaking on Anopa Kasapa on kasapa 102.3 FM said the video shown to his clients  last week is questionable since the video was said to be jumbled together.

He’s contending that if the Judicial Council had exercised restraint in its decision taken on the accused judges, it would have afforded them the chance to subject the video to technical review before responding appropriately.

“…All that you see is the registrar’s face counting money and then it breaks and the next scene will be a judge sitting down in his chair and then the next moment the video ends. The video lacks sound and so you can’t hear anything.”

They feel if they had been given time enough to respond to the matter, they would have employed technical personnel to scrutinize it before responding accordingly.

The accused judges are against the disciplinary proceedings that saw twenty two of them suspended, hence have filed a writ at the Fast Track Division of the Accra High Court to declare the decision null and void.